Father, we thank you for another good day here on planet earth…you probably have memorized the rest of Phil Robertson’s prayer at the end of almost every episode of Duck Dynasty. Tonight is that the final episode of season three of the TV Show that has created a lot of buzz, and probably for good reason.

With the young men we work with, they love the show.  They can’t say enough about it and I believe for some good reasons. Here are a few.

Accessible Tough Christian Guys that like the Woods:  I know only a few of the guys on the show actually profess their faith, but it is assumed all, in some ways are Christ followers. Yet, how many guys in your church show up with beards like ZZ Top, have sunglasses on all the time, wear camo, and duck hunt?  Probably not many.  Most men I believe want to be tough, but also most men we know are closed off. You are left to guess what they are thinking and feeling. In contrast, Jase, Phil, Psi, and Willie are accessible men.  You know how and why they think the way they do and believe what they believe. I would assume most men, brothers and fathers are not this transparent and as men we want that from the men in our lives.

Faith, Family, and Fun: Yes, they are not perfect, but they are family. They have a shared mission with the family business, they share meals together and they help raise each other’s children.  Fathers, brother, uncles, aunts, and grandparents, all in one crazy story. Plus, it looks like they enjoy having fun together, and the fact that it isn’t all completely perfect helps us relate in how we relate with our imperfect families. It gives us hope and stirs in us the desire we have in connecting with our own families.  I believe we all long for family, regardless of how messy or neat it feels.

Yes, yes, I know, it’s a TV show, and I get that, but I also think that there are some genuine things about this show that really makes the Christian male heart perk up wanting more from his life, more family, more faith, and more wilderness.

So Robertson’s, please keep me laughing at you and at myself, and spurring me on to enjoy this life we have, loving this family the Lord has given me, and challenging me to live a more transparent life.