Sometimes I get in these emotional places that produce some passion about what is on my heart and what I believe is one of the things God has called me to. The other day I was thinking about our upcoming Training Ground class, armed with such potential, needing only a few more ingredients to produce impactful, God loving leaders and this is what came out. Yes, very Jerry Maguire:

For me the question always is ”are we preparing places for people to be changed and commune with God?” Maybe it’s at the top of a 13,00 foot mountain, maybe in a conversation over a good cigar on the back porch, or with an older man sharing his story about how failure is an important piece of a man’s life. Are we always listening to the heart of what God is calling us to in preparing this next generation of talented and gifted leaders for the challenges that lay ahead: spiritually and practically. Are we stretching how they understand God’s fathering heart for them, giving them permission to risk in their faith and in their relationships? Are we helping them see their future jobs are more than just income, but a mission field filled with people that need to SEE Jesus through how they live their lives? Are we preparing young men to be leaders in their churches and families, are they role models for others to point to, not of perfection but of grace, are they ready to lead a woman and family the way they need to be lead with confidence in God and their own abilities? Are they ready to hear the voice of God and walk into the fire knowing God is there with them? Are they ready to become older men themselves, ready to show, and give, and walk along side others that need their presence as men? Are they walking in compassion towards others that are less fortunate? We know they were made good young men before they got to us, but are we helping in making them the best man of God they can be?